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Willow Center

Our Impact In The Community

For 16 years, The Red Willow Center has been stewarding indigenous food sovereignty, fighting for food justice, and empowering native youth in active change. (The pandemic called for creative muscle to continue impacting the Pueblo’s well-being and sovereignty.)

Pueblo Peoples

  • A contactless, drive-thru Farmer’s Market is carried out weekly, the singular place for food access to over 40 tribal members on the Pueblo.
  • Market vendors earn $200 - $400 in weekly Farmer’s Market sales by holding a space of commerce and exchange of agricultural goods.
  • Tribal members get access to dairy, preserves, pickles, and other value-added products through our food hub distribution for immune-compromised vendors.
  • The Senior Center receives culturally relevant, fresh produce from our 3.3 acre farm, on a weekly basis.
  • Pueblo community members receive year-round access to nutrient-dense, farm produce through our season extenders and greenhouse infrastructure.
  • Open, revolving internships are held for Taos Pueblo youth throughout the year in daily farm operations, farmer’s market operations, and multi-media projects.

BIPOC Agricultural Community

  • Contracts are made with local, BIPOC producers to create equitable and a diversified food economy.
  • Small-scale farmers receive access to Red Willow’s wash/pack stations and cold storage infrastructure to support a decentralized community of food producers.
  • Restaurant partnerships, retail spaces, and market space are networked as a food hub to fiscally empower farmers and producers in a sustained supply chain.
  • Farm to Food Bank efforts mediate access of nutrient-dense food to socially oppressed demographics from the BIPOC agricultural community on a weekly basis.

North Central New Mexico

  • Food insecure households in Northern New Mexico, received over $5,000 in local farm produce purchased through a partnership with the American Friends Service Committee in the peak growing season of 2020.
  • The North Central Food Pantry in Questa, NM recieved hundreds of pounds of Red Willow produce through a partnership with the New Mexico Farmers Market Association to reach rural populations in the Enchanted Circle.
  • Red Willow nurtures strong community partnerships with food relief pantries and shelters, seeking sweeping change for everyone: Sin Fronteras, Little Bug Day School, Veterans Off-Grid, Habitat for Humanity, St. James Food Pantry, The Shared Table UMC, H.E.A.R.T. of Taos Women’s Shelter, and Taos Men’s Shelter.
  • The Red Willow center commits weekly hands-on, volunteer labor and farm produce donations to create community-wide food access.