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Willow Center

Get Involved


Movements create action. Red Willow knows large-scale change cannot be achieved by one entity or a single, organizational mission. We seek sweeping social change, leading actual activities seen on the ground in our community. We believe leadership emerges from within, that anyone can join, and by simply committing to take action. There are no official titles, formal roles, or hierarchical power structures. Leadership of movements are spread, agile, and rest in the commons. Direction of movements come from values, strategy, and action.

Leadership is not loyalty to an organization, but to the cause beyond. This leads us to the idea of donations. If you wish to donate, know we are not interested in being supported from the “outside.” We are not interested in systems that mirror how power structures maintain control and sovereignty over others. We do not value status quo, or organizational stability and order over all else. As functional needs change, we value forms that are nimble to address community needs.

If you wish to donate, know that we believe...

All who engage in strengthening our community are equally valued, whether volunteer, staff, donor, or board member.

Time is valued equally as money. We treat donors as partners, and this means that we are transparent, assume the best intentions, and occasionally have difficult conversations.

We foster a sense of belonging, not othering.

We promote the understanding that everyone (donors, staff, funders, board members, volunteers) personally benefits from engaging in the work of social justice - it’s not just charity and compassion.

We see the work of social justice as holistic and transformative, not transactional.

We recognize that healing and liberation requires a commitment to economic justice.

If you wish to donate, consider being a part of our community. We would whole-heartedly value you being immersed, affected, and in relation with our mission. To partner in a one-time engagement, you can donate here [insert donate button], or if you would like to become a Roots Advocate, keeping us accountable to the services we provide our community, and engaged as a grassroots activist of community-centric fundraising efforts for the Red Willow Center, contact blaze Diamond at [email protected] with your interest. Please note that this role has formal obligations, responsibilities, and community intentions of conduct.


All in-person opportunities for on-site participation at Red Willow’s farm are suspended, until further notice, due to honoring the well-being and health of our Taos Pueblo community.