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Willow Center

Community Offerings


Red Willow Center offers a space for sharing indigneous knowledge, talent, and stories of the community. Check out upcoming events on what we're offering!

Food Systems Matchmaker

As part of the social distancing measures required to combat COVID-19, the way people, institutions, and governments buy and acquire food has changed. We recognize that this has disrupted (closed) markets for some New Mexico producers at the same time as it has created some new opportunities. In order to promote information sharing such that buyers get access to New Mexico grown and raised products and producers are informed about emerging market opportunities and resources needed for production, please contact us to help mediate any relationships that might help you in the following areas:

  • Farm grown and ranch raised product(s) that you have available for sale
  • Food product(s) that you or your business/institution are looking to purchase
  • Assets that you have available to store or transport product (e.g., freezers, trucks)
  • Areas where you need technical assistance or other support (e.g., help making products available online)
  • Supplies or services needed for your business
  • Labor that is needed or available for hire.

We know that availability and needs change quickly, so we are ready to respond with intention and swiftness. If you have questions, please contact: blaze Diamond - [email protected]

Living Library

Our stories come from the land, each other, and our community. Here you can find how interns experienced their time at Red Willow, gain agricultural assistance in on-site educational videos, ecological builds, and what our elders have to share and speak into this unfolding story of Taos Pueblo culture. This is a library of where we've been and where we're going. All these videos are Taos Pueblo youth produced and filmed!