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Willow Center

Red Willow Center / About Us

Red Willow Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit in Taos Pueblo in Northern New Mexico. There are three main components to RWC; the farm, the farmers market, and our year-round youth internship programs, all of which are interdependent.

The farm is cultivated on 3.3 acres of land utilized for regenerative agriculture. Our three greenhouses, cold frames, and season extenders, also allow for year-round production of more market garden production: leafy greens, cold crop, tomatoes, etc. We are proud to be one of the imperative agricultural producers of traditional varietals (i.e. Taos Blue Corn, Red Bean, Hubbard Squash, etc.) 

The farmers market at RWC provides tribal families with nutrient-dense food and local, traditional produce.

Youth at RWC work with the staff to build social and economic skills that will foster their growth for their future while maintaining a relationship with the community and Earth. The Red Willow Center strives to give youth a safe space to grow spiritually, emotionally, and socially amongst their peers.

We, at Red Willow Center, work to help the community of Taos Pueblo in any way we can; whether, it may be by providing food, workshops, or a space to be with the Earth and practice traditional agriculture.


Red Willow Center is committed to stewarding indigenous food systems and ending food injustice.


  • empowering youth through intergenerational community connection
  • traditional wisdom paired with modern skill sets
  • stewarding indigenous food systems

Executive Director: Tiana Suazo

Board of Directors: Henrietta Gomez, Christina Castro, Resa Sawyer, Bettina Sandoval, Richard Archuleta

Partners & Friends

In addition to serving the Taos Pueblo tribal community, we have provided produce to homeless shelters, food pantries, COVID-19 Food Relief programs, and purchased from local agricultural producers to be a mediator of those breaks in the food shed.

  • NCFP- North Central Food Pantry, Questa
  • H.E.A.R.T. of Taos
  • Little Bug Inc
  • St. James Episcopal Church Food Pantry
  • El Pueblito United Methodist Church- The Shared Table
  • Sin Fronteras
  • Veterans Off Grid
  • Habitat for Humanity